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Paris Syndrome

The French and the Japanese exchanged their culture and ideas ever since the ancient times. After Europeans found a direct trade route to Asia with Indian Ocean Basin trade, French and Japanese increased contact and started to trade their goods to each other. The woodblock from Japan led to  Japanisme, when art in France was highly influenced by Japanese. The woodblock was beautiful with Asian decoration and French people who got those woodblocks would examine them and apply them to their art. For example in Van Gogh’s art work, Portrait of Père Tanguy, shows the effect of Japanism. There is Japanese painting in the background of the portrait. The contact between Japan and France still continues today. Several Japanese tourists visit Paris everyday. However, Japanese realizes that even though the city of Paris is very beautiful, the reality is that Parisiennes are very rude compared to the polite Japanese. As the city of Paris is full of romance with beautiful sites, the tourist expect a lot from their trip to Paris. However, after they visit Paris, they are disgusted by Parisiennes’ rudeness. For example, taxi driver and waiters often yells and shouts toward tourists who cannot speak French. As Japanese culture highly values politeness, the Japanese tourist in Paris is outraged by such a shocking reality of rudeness. As they had high expectations for their trip to Paris, the more they got disappointed with the reality and goes through “Paris Syndrome”. Up to 12 Japanese tourist every year goes through this syndrome, mainly women in 30s with high expectations for their first trip abroad. Japanese embassy even developed 24-hour hotline for those suffering from cultural shock. So watch out for this new syndrome!


Youngest Artist

Artist Aelita Andre is currently four years old. However, her age is not a barrier to her progressive art career. Recently, she has opened up her own first art exhibition in New York. She is known as the youngest professional artist. Her nine paintings on the show at Agora Gallery in Manhattan, is being sold with each pieces priced up to $9,900. Her natural talent and skill even surprised Angela Di Bello, the director of Agora Gallery. Aelita is not only good at painting but she also has her own unique consistent style of art. It is not surprising that her natural talents and skills derives from her parents, Nikka Kalashnikova and Michael Andre who are also artists. Her art work consist of her own understanding of balance, emphasis, color, and consistency. As you can see from the above art work of Aelita’s, she has total understanding of how to use composition and color to express art. Her artwork even consists of texture created by the acrylic paint. She clearly knows how to use her brushes, paint, and canvas to express her art. Her style of art shows makes all of her paintings cohesive and makes it look like a collection. This skill is very difficult for even old professional artists to accomplish; however, Aelita accomplished her style when she is 4 years old. She is not just spraying and pouring paint on big canvas, her final pieces shows that she is abstract impressionist, surrealist. She freely moves her brushes and paints with no restriction. As her art has no boundaries, it gained its popularity and we can see freedom when we see her artwork.

India Keeps Fighting..

(Baba on fasting)

(police  broke up Baba’s fast on Sunday night)

Even after the achievements of Mohandas Gandhi, India is still full of corruption. This leads to revolts in India today. Indian activist Anna Hazare organized a protest against corruption in Delhi, India on last Wednesday. He continues the legacy of Mohandas Gandhi by fasting during that one-day protest. Even during the weekend, yoga guru Baba Ramdev and his supporters went on fasting to fight against corruption. This fasting protest gives a lot of pressure to government as it did in the past when Gandhi was leading his non violence movement in British India. As Anna Hazre have striking similarities with India’s past hero, Mohandas Gandhi, his public supporters are fighting with him for anti-corruption laws. Also, Baba Ramdev has his own daily TV program. His TV program is watched by the millions and he declared that he will continue to fight by fasting against corruption in the city of Haridwar. He wants bribery money to come back to India. Even though time passed, India continues to fight for its pure democratic nation. Long legacy of Mohandas Gandhi’s non violence movement can be seen today. As Gandhi’s famous non violence movement led to independence of India, even though the conflict between the government and the people of India is intense right now, I hope to see that another non violence movement will lead India to its independence from corrupted government and towards its pure democracy.

E. Coli Destroys Our Cucumbers

Due to the environment destruction, there have been several food issues in the world today. In the past, there was Avian Influenza and H1N1. Avian Influenza was a flu infection in birds. This was also dangerous for human because the virus of the infected bird could change and mutate to infect humans. Since chicken is common food that people eat today, it was very dangerous to have major source of food to be infected. Also H1N1, the swine flu, was a flu infection in pigs that could change and mutate to infect humans. The spread of H1N1 led to decrease of pigs eaten everyday. The major source of food, pigs and chickens, due to the viruses lost their popularity and led to food crisis. This is happening again with cucumbers today. The cucumbers infected by E. Coli, the bacterium commonly found in the intestines of humans and other animals, led to illness of young women. When Avian and swine flu spread in the past, it affected non-vegetarian but now as cucumbers are infected, the vegetarians are affected as well. The E. Coli is usually found in animals (meat) but now it is surprisingly found with fruits and vegetable such as cucumbers. This is a severe in problem in northern Germany right now and even the European Commission proposed a 150m euro aid package to help EU salad farmers hit by E.coli outbreak. The cause of this infection is not clearly discovered but it surely is a surprising food issues involving not only meat but also fruits and vegetables as well. So you must wash your fruits and vegetables before you eat them because those cucumbers infected with E.Coli can lead to urine infections, and food poisoning. Just washing can help prevent such illness because E.Coli are found on the cucumber and in the cucumber. So always wash them and be careful!

Apple creates the “Cloud”

Apple is currently the most “hip” and advanced technology company globally. With non stop surprises, Apple always satisfies their customers. That is why there are increasing number of apple users everyday. For example, iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Macbook are now the most common technology that people possess globally. Now there’s another addition to their amazing achievements: iCloud. So what exactly is iCloud? iCloud stores your music, photos, applications, calenders, documents, and more. The most outstanding part about iCloud is that it wirelessly pushes them to all your devices – automatically. It will easily manage and organize all your files into all of your devices. As apple manias increases everyday, customers automatically buys everything from apples. For example, several apple users own all four devices: iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Macbook. And it is really difficult for those manias to organize their files in all four of those devices and they had to organize every single one of it separately. However, iCloud allows the apple manias to organize and manage all of their four devices automatically, together. This outstanding application will help to increase the number of apple users exponentially because now it is way more easier to manage and organize all of the amazing devices in the shorter amount of time. Even their rivals Amazon and Goggle is creating their own cloud based service. Through this new and unique achievements of Apple, it was evident that Apple is different compared to other amazing technology companies in that Apple mostly concentrates on how to make the technology easier for their customers. So whenever I see their new devices or applications, I can clearly see that they really thought about what people wanted and what people needed. Also their technological devices are so simple and easy to use that it broke the stereotype of technology being difficult to learn and control. Apple continues to think harder and harder for their customers in order to create technology that will make our lives easier and helpful. So try out their new iCloud today! Visit apple.com.

Can Obama Keep His Promise?

President Obama have promised to provide health care system for all of United States Citizen while decreasing not a single penny on the United States government’s deficit. However the question is “can he keep his promise?” There is already certain number of people that the public health care can take. There also has been a certain rule that set the priority of people to provide health care for. In Wisconsin, the governor already made cuts on the wage of public workers since they are short on state deficit and decided to put more percent of state deficit on the health care system. It is merely impossible to provide health care for everyone since there is shortage on state deficit and it is highly difficult to increase the deficit. If the state increase the taxation to increase the deficit, the citizens paying those taxes will be angry. So increasing taxation is not a good solution. Increasing percent of deficit to provide health care system is also not a good solution. However, several states are following that process and the public workers are angry. Also, for example, public workers such as teachers are angry and education system is getting inefficient because increasing percent of the deficit for health care led to decrease of deficit on education system. There is increasing number of students in one classroom and the teachers still get same amount of wage or even decreased wage. Also the students lack good environment for learning which leads to inefficiency of education. So can Obama keep his promise while decreasing not a single penny on deficit? The answer is NO!

It’s Getting Bigger For Sure… Can the Earth Handle It?

Some say that growth of people and development of technology are infinite. In other words, they do not have a limit and it will progress infinitely overtime. However, can the Earth handle it? Can the Earth take infinite growing number of population? Obviously, the answer is no. Someday it will reach to a point where it is impossible to make the demography any more denser; someday, it will reach to its limitation. So how much people can the Earth handle? The population of the world have been excessively growing overtime. As population increases, the population density increases as well because there are more people that occupy the same area. The problem is that population is growing faster than ever today. For example in India, population reached up to 1.21 billion recently. Its population over the past decade was 181 million but it had reached to 1.21 billion over decade. This number of population is larger than the number of population of United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan and Bangladesh combined. However, the most populous country in the world is China, its population reaching up to 1.3 billion. Population problem is very serious problem and issue that futurist talk about today. All nations want to do population census which is national count of people at regular intervals in order to obtain complete record about country’s people and physical facts (birthplace, age, sex) and social facts (language, employment). This can help to solve some demographic issues today but the world should be highly aware of the fact that Earth has its limitation.

Google is Restricting Us!

When you don’t know an answer for something or when you are stuck on your homework, which website do you use for searching? Most people would say Google. In fact, I always start my research with Google. When I need information about something, I always go to top of my Firefox window in my Macbook and Google-search the key word. It is amazing how all over the world people use Google search in their everyday life. From this, we can clearly see how Google is dominant in search market today. It is worth about 29 billion U.S. dollars. However, it has its strategy to maintain their dominant position in search market. Microsoft says that Google attempted to restrict their development in search market. Recently, Microsoft is taking an anti-competition complaint against Google to the European Commission. Microsoft has developed their own search website, Bing. Even though it is very useful, majority of the people all over the world still uses Google over Bing. So why is that? Microsoft says that Google had been limiting Bing from indexing web content. Not only that, Microsoft’s general counsel, Brad Smith, wrote what they suspected Google of doing. First, they believe that Google have been “Using technical measures to stop Bing from indexing content on Google-owned YouTube” and also “blocking Microsoft Smartphones from operating properly with YouTube”. Secondly, they accused Google for “controlling access to online copies of out-of-copyright books” and “limiting the ability of businesses to reclaim their own information generated through Google advertising campaigns for use elsewhere”. Lastly for “compelling leading websites to only use Google search boxes on their pages.” As a result, the European Commission started investigating Google and Microsoft for their anti-competitive practices. However, they figured out that Microsoft have been using microchip maker that has a financial incentives to make clients favor its products over its rivals’ products.

source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-12918059

One Dog Only! Or Else…

As you can see from the picture above, there is one Chinese women holding one dog. This exactly explains what is going on in China today.

On February 24, 2011, the city of Shaghai with one-child policy, also declared for one-dog policy. From May 2011, the dogs that are not registered with the authorities will be considered as illegal.

This policy has been hot issue among the lawmakers of the Chinese cities for a long time because last year there were more than 140,000 people who had been bitten by an unregistered dog. Also there are much more dogs that are not registered than the number of permitted animals.

This new rule means that the owners of those unregistered dogs have to give them away. For the owners who have already registered their dogs in the past can keep their dogs, excluding hounds.

However, many believe that the sly citizens of China will once again find a way to disobey the new rule. For example, when the government tried to limit the numbers of houses that families can own in order to slow down the rise of house prices, many married couples got divorced but lived together just to buy more houses.

Those unregistered dogs will be given away to the police when the new rule apply in Shanghai. They will not allow any more “attack dogs” such as the British bulldogs to be owned by the citizens in order to decrease the number of people injured by those dogs.

Tanzania Meets Hope


In the streets of Tanzania, we can see thousands of street children and we can smell the strong glue surrounding them. They carry plastic bottles hidden in their sleeves; they put them to their faces and take deep breaths. Some kids are sleeping in shelters roughly made with wooden wheel barrow. Even those wheel barrows for them is hard to get. Those children faces hopelessness every single day. Without parents and guardian to take care of them, they are often tempted to take the wrong path of life.

However, last January, the Watoto Foundation build a Kiboko Lodge hotel in Tanzania. The Watoto Foundation works with street boys to help them to find job and hope. They train street children the skills that will help them to get employed in the future. The former street children did not run away or quit; they got education from the Watoto residential centre and as a result they got their jobs in Kiboko Lodge. Through hope making organization- Watoto Foundation- children received several jobs and it gave them “independence, money, self-respect and skills, plus a real sense of pride that they have a place in society” says Mr. Van Hout, the founder of Watoto Foundation.

Through such foundation it saved several lives of children in Tanzania. It not only gave them life but also hope. More Less Developed Countries should receive help from those organizations. Also you should care about them because it is your world and we all have responsibility as a citizen of this world to make it a better place to live for everyone.